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RFP as a Service

Procurement within mid-market to enterprise-size companies can often require an RFP/RFQ process that needs to match technical and logical requirements with business standards and value.

Involve can manage much of the process and leave your IT team and corporate purchasing/procurement with all the data needed to make an informed choice.

Using Involve’s operations experience, we can work with your IT team to help gather all the proper requirements. Leveraging our industry relationships, we can gather the proper resources and vendors to present options and work to negotiate pricing.

Involve brings the IT Marketplace to you! With over 200 service vendors in our portfolio, we are able to coordinate multiple proposals for the following types of services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Connectivity – Fiber, Business Cable, SD-WAN, SASE
  • Security Services – SOC, MDR, Managed Firewalls, AI-Based Log Inspection
  • Telcomm – UCaaS, CCaS, AI-Powered QA, and Call Monitoring
  • Data Center CoLocation

Involve has the toolset to help narrow down the provider list to be in line with your business procurement requirement whether it be 2 vendors or 5 vendors. We can then coordinate proposals and demos to help make the decision. Leveraging our reputation and industry relationships to negotiate contract terms provides more power than any company navigating the process alone.


Identify Challenges. Assess the Current Environment and any Risks. Balance Business Goals Against Budget. Deliver a Solutions Roadmap.


Strategy and Solution Analysis. Document Requirements. Define Operational Processes, KPIs, Metrics, and Manufacturers’ Engagement.


Procurement, System Installation and Configuration, Testing and Validation, and Training.

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