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Fractional CIO

A Fractional CIO can help determine the current state of the team and technology, identify gaps, and develop a roadmap to meet future goals.

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DRAAS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) is essential to business continuity and recovery from Cyber attacks. Backup’s are still required and necessary, however, the ability to restore quickly brings a strong ROI to business interruptions.

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Involve is a leading provider of IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). Supporting virtual environments, data storage, and networking components in a dedicated production cloud environment known as IAAS.

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Involve can assist with the right cyber security technology partner to defend against the growing universe of threats.

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Involve and our expert partners have relationships with all the major carriers in the area and can help you ensure the most cost-effective circuit that fits your business needs.

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RFP as a Service

Involve can manage much of the process and leave your IT team and corporate purchasing/procurement with all the data needed to make an informed choice.

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DAAS (Desktop as a Service) is a cost neutral solution to on-prem PC’s. The advantage though is the operational efficiencies and streamlining an end user security stance that better protects the business. On-Prem solutions are very clunky and take time and resources to manage effectively.

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Cloud &

We employ top tier engineers with the ability to deliver top level services to you while getting the project done right the first time, on time and within budget.

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Our company relies on strong relationships. Our customers see first-hand how important relationships mean to us. They see the respect we give each other and the above and beyond approach we give to solutions. This carries over to our company culture and is evident in our organic growth. I couldn’t be happier and grateful in what we have all accomplished and the relationships we have developed with our customers, partners, and with each other make us stand out.

Todd Peet - CEO Involve