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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Involve can help you simplify Disaster Recovery.

Historically, disaster recovery has been costly and hard to justify for many businesses. DR used to mean that you purchased two of every piece of your infrastructure and hoped that you never powered up the DR equipment and one day you retired old dusty, never used assets, and asked for more money for the next cycle.

How can Involve help you simplify DR?

  • Virtual or physical environments replicated to the cloud.
  • No hardware investment.
  • No capital expenditures.
  • Geographically diverse.
  • Recovery protection for ransomware.

Our experts can help identify system priorities and set RPOs and RTOs that make sense. A comprehensive security program not only includes protection from attacks but a solid and tested recovery plan!

Need to get backup copies offsite?

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Legacy backup can be a burden and getting data offsite either requires tapes to be sent to a secure location or a secondary data center in your network. These can be difficult to manage and costly to maintain. Backup as a Service can store digital backups for retention or recovery. Backup copies offsite and virtually air gapped for security and compliance.


Identify Challenges. Assess the Current Environment and any Risks. Balance Business Goals Against Budget. Deliver a Solutions Roadmap.


Strategy and Solution Analysis. Document Requirements. Define Operational Processes, KPIs, Metrics, and Manufacturers’ Engagement.


Procurement, System Installation and Configuration, Testing and Validation, and Training.

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